About Me

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These are two things that push me every day to do better and contribute to improving the world around me.

Transitioning the Workplace

I'm an Instructional Designer with a passion for doing things different. I am on a mission to change the workplace from a training culture to a learning culture by empowering people. I'm always on a mission to find ways for people to do their work better and get back to what matters most, their job.

My goal is to help people do their job more effectively by allowing them to direct their own learning to make learning more meaningful to them. I'd like to do this in an environment that maximizes the use of user generated content to allow more effective sharing and learning.

I'm specifically interested in helping learning communities grow on an enterprise social network that is enabled by social tools such as wiki's and document collaboration environments (Google Apps, SharePoint, Office 365, etc.).

I am forever on a mission to work smarter, better, together.


Designing To Solve Problems

Adult learning and specifically enterprise learning is all about solving problems. Business problems to be exact. That could be improving performance, effectiveness, or even accuracy.

Helping the business perform better is all about fine-tuning things piece by piece and working towards something better. That's where instructional design excels. We have the ability to make small tweaks here and there in order to solve small problems that make a huge impact with scale.

Scale is one of my favorite things about instructional design. Training on an individual level is important and nice, but training at a huge scale with self-paced courses and performance support is even better. That's where I excel. If I can solve the problem of time wasted and multiply that by 30,000+ then I'm a happy camper.

I do sweat the small stuff when it comes to eLearning design. I keep the big picture in mind but always focus on effectiveness, relevance, and simplicity. If it's not contributing to solving problems and/or helping employees perform better then I'm going to work hard to cut it.