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Twitter #LrnToday - Share what you've learned today.

Tweet what you’ve learned today, use the #LrnToday hashtag to share what you’ve learned and learn something new. We live in a social learning era, share and be shared with.

Please share this post and the #LrnToday hashtag to expand the reach of reflection and spread of knowledge focused around what you’ve learned today. There’s no constraints aside from sharing what you’ve learned or discussing what you’ve learned.

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Why Should You Use #LrnToday?

I see a recurring theme in the group of people I follow on Twitter. One thing everyone seems to like is to learn, to cite a more specific example, many have set the goal to learn one new thing a day.

Twitter is already a great place to share knowledge, learn something new, and get inspired. I’m proposing we take that desire to learn and group anything we’ve learned into a common hashtag with no time or quantity restraints. When you want to share something you’ve learned with the Twitter community, simply use the #LrnToday hashtag.

Share what you’ve learned today so everybody else can learn too. If what you’ve learned is too complex to Tweet, cite a link that has more information that you found the most helpful in your learning endeavor, or your own blog post with your reflections.

You’re also more than welcome to comment on this post with what you’ve learned. I’ll periodically make a new post with information from this hashtag that seems especially interesting or has gained notice within the hashtag.

 Where Did I Get The Idea?

So far on Twitter I’m not aware of a similar idea (although I’m sure it exists), I thought it would be helpful to become introduced to learning about something we might not otherwise have exposure to.

While regularly participating in some of the Twitter learning chats around Twitter, specifically #chat2lrn, one question I see commonly asked is “What have you learned today?”

This is a great question, but it seems to have limited shelf life when presented in a Tweet chat, and only a specific group will see it. Twitter chats are great for inspiration and conversation, but not necessarily what comes after, learning.

This is where the idea of #LrnToday came from. The goal is to lengthen the shelf-life AND expand the reach of what you’ve learned today to help you, and broaden everyone’s knowledge.

Tweet Your Learning!

If you can’t fit it into 140 characters, include a link! It can be a link to your blog post reflecting on what you’ve learned, or a short description with a link to your favorite resource you used when learning what you’re sharing.

If you want to learn about something new, check out #LrnToday, there’s bound to be something new to learn about and the best people online to learn it from.

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