Performance & Value Focused Instructional Designer

I'm a 14+ years experienced technical instructional designer who works collaboratively with subject matter experts, business partners, and stakeholders to create high-quality and engaging training solutions for a diverse audience.

I believe that the thorough and complete ADDIE process is the core of successful performance improvements.

A Blog

I've been up to a lot of different activities lately so you'll find a lot about that here. I've also started writing a little review of each book I read because I enjoy doing that. Not because it's about technology or design but it's fun.


Search Is The Center Of Learning

Search is at the center of learning. What’s the first thing you do when you need to learn something new? Are any of these one of your answer? Look through...
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Stop Trying To Predict Mobile Users Needs

It’s time to banish the myth that you can predict what a user will need on a mobile device. You can’t do it. The closest you can get to predicting...
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Mobile Performance Support – Make It Simple!

What have you done lately to simplify someone’s life? Everyone’s life is complex. Everyone’s busy in their own way. If you can simplify it, then you're providing a good return...
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Tweet Your Way to Conference Success

What are some of the things that make you a successful learner? Reflecting on what you learn should be on that list of what makes you successful. One that might...
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Second Screen Revolution

First post of 2014 and I’m feeling motivated to keep going with every two weeks a new post #ResolutionNow*. I’ve made that my goal for the past seven or eight...
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Reflecting On The Year – 2013

It's been a busy year, with a lot of things happening. New technologies have come, and gone. So have new methodologies. I’ve learned a lot, forgotten even more probably, but...
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Empower Employees With A Wiki

It's been a while since my last post, and for good reason. I started a new job in early November and then in mid-November I moved into a new house....
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Everything Is In a Filter Bubble

A week and a half ago was DevLearn, and I’ve been mulling on writing this post ever since hearing Eli Pariser's filter bubble talk. I was not at DevLearn but...
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Following the Backchannel of #DevLearn

I’ve been hearing a lot about DevLearn these past couple of weeks. While admittedly I’m a little envious of those going, I know I’m better off making the best of...
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