BREEZE Transplant Portal Job Aids

BREEZE Transplant Portal Job Aids

Project Summary

My goal is always to take things to the next level of simplicity while providing only the information that will have the most impact and be the most effective at communicating necessary steps to teammates. These job aids are a breakthrough in that simplicity making it easy to scan and get the exact steps needed in the quickest and easiest-to-understand way possible.

DaVita acquired MedSleuth in 2022, so they are ultimately the client yet are still technically internal. Working with a new company to DaVita was a pleasure; the subject matter expert and business partners were extremely pleased with the outcome. They even commented that they were delighted to now feel like a real DaVita company.

Project Details


Client: MedSleuth

Date: Feb 2023

All screenshots have been heavily redacted due to privacy, security, and a proprietary system.

Working with an external company that was purchased by DaVita was a new experience for me but still went smoothly. I worked with people used to working independently and doing things themselves. After working with them, it was clear that working with specialists was the way to go and the training would be top-notch.

This project also involved the creation of a self-paced eLearning course that is required to get access to the tool. The course includes an introductory video that includes interviews with social workers and how they’re using the tool as well as hands-on experience using the tool.

One of the requirements of the project was to make sure the course was built in a way that could easily be updated. The reason is that the tools are constantly developing, and even before the official company-wide launch, it would change in several ways. That means the job aids also had to be easy to update, which they are.

Overall, I took these job aids to the next level because I knew they’d be a vital resource for social workers. It’s easy to forget certain things after taking a course about a tool even if you’re doing the process. But, the job aids are easy to access within the tool and offer an easy way to scan them and go through the steps quickly and accurately. They also contain relevant information when necessary to help them understand the context of the process or any special information they need to know. All of this information is communicated in a visually pleasing and simple, usable layout.