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Project Summary

This is an introductory course for teammates who manage others and need to store files securely. The course covers the basics of using the application for doing their job effectively, accurately, and making sure everything is current. Teammates get to actually navigate the system, or rather a safe simulation, in order to learn and practice at the same time. There were also job aids that went along with the course for use later on as a refresher or just a performance aid for the parts that were forgotten.

In the medical industry, there are lots of certifications that expire and lots of other files that need to be stored including in the hiring process. The application helps manage all that and even documents that are about to expire. Each section was broken up into one distinct task that helps teammates do their necessary tasks.

Each section starts with a narrated introduction that tells about the context of what it’s for as well as important information to understand. This is all presented with narration and visuals that help cement knowledge and make it easier to understand.

The course walks teammates through from beginning to end just what they need to do their job well in the application. That means accessing it, finding documents, uploading and sharing, as well as managing employee document requirements.

Teammates get to click around while actually using the search function (with limitations). At the end of the course, there’s a nice summary of what was covered and an opportunity to review any of the four sections.