Enterprise Profile Photo

Enterprise Profile Photo Job Aids

Project Summary

This project required thinking for requirements and simplicity only. While this could have been a course, instructor-led training, or even a quick video, none of that was necessary. At its core, this project required only two job aids and a communication email for it to be successful.

With a job aid help was available where needed and the change was communicated with the help. This was simplicity at its core where it could have easily been overengineered and overthought. Simplicity at its finest.

Project Details


Client: DaVita

Date: Jul 2021

The default solution today seems to always be either instructor-led training or eLearning. Sometimes neither of those are needed and a good ‘ol fashion job aid or two will do the job much better. This was one of those circumstances.

I was approached for this project to help people navigate the new approval process for getting a profile photo approved for use in several applications. It’s not a complex process and people don’t need to do it very often. It’s one of those things that is a new process but other than that, nobody knows about, cares about much, or does very often yet it’s necessary.

So, since this is mainly a change management issue with little need for knowing anything, job aids were the perfect solution. That way the job aids can be offered as a quick aid for employees to submit a photo request and understand the requirements too.

Employees would likely only do it once or perhaps at most every few years. That means a course, video, or any other bulky solution would be essential. This solution could easily be sent out with a communication email announcing the new requirements and providing the necessary aid. After that, it’s easily forgettable and should be. The instructions are findable again in the company knowledge base.

For managers, the process is even easier. They just need to know what the requirements are so they can approve the right photo. Aside from that the process is extremely easy.

The process takes place almost entirely via ServiceNow or email. Two job aids and an email sent out for communications were all that was needed for this project. It required minimal time and the solution was only what was needed, quick, and cheap for the company.