Personality Isn’t Permanent

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Project Summary

As part of a team initiative to share knowledge with other teammates, I chose to share a book I recently read. The book Personality Isn’t Permanent was an excellent book that provides realistic advice on how to not fall into a rut of accepting how things are and going with it.

Keep in mind that the PowerPoint deck was designed to be an aid to the delivery of the content. I didn’t create an official delivery guide since I was the one delivering my own presentation. I did use notes directly in PowerPoint, though, and I’ve included another document that shows those.

I received kudos for a well-designed PowerPoint deck as well as a smooth presentation that was engaging, interesting, and natural.

Project Details

Client: DaVita

Date: Apr 2022

I put together this presentation in PowerPoint and presented it to my immediate team. The content of my presentation was so well received (maybe not my delivery of it) that I was asked to deliver the same topic to the Training Professional Community of Practice (TPCoP) at DaVita. That group consists of all the training professionals in the organization who get together once a month to learn from each other.


Flip through the original PowerPoint deck to see the presentation. It was built to be extremely visual, reinforcing the message with little information in the presentation. The majority of the content was presented by me.

Presentation Notes

These are the slides with notes so you can see a bit more of what I presented. I used the notes as reminders for myself because I was already familiar with the content. These notes gave me exactly what I needed to present in a natural way with a unique presentation that was also consistent.