Teammate Safety Culture Video

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Project Summary

This video was developed as an introductory video to be included in all the safety department eLearning courses. I didn’t know this video was for all of those courses until I was asked to do the Office Ergonomics course which I was asked to include the video in. I was given the topics to cover for the video and provided a subject matter expert (SME) to work with on the content.

I wrote the script and created a very basic text-based storyboard. This one also used my recording setup to record the audio and edit it.

Project Details


Client: DaVita

Date: Sep 2020

I was asked to pilot a new piece of software my department had purchased for a few people, Toonly. This was an experiment to see how well the software worked for creating animated videos quickly. Prior to this video we did have animated videos but production of them took months instead of weeks. Unfortunately, the tool wasn’t deemed versatile enough and was not used for many other videos.

When I work on videos I’m also fortunate enough to be part of the video team. That means I post and manage videos on our team’s Vimeo enterprise account. I’m also regularly asked to pilot new video software for the team. Currently one of those pilots includes testing out Powtoons which I also used years ago to create the marketing video for my course.