Timesheet Management Course

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Project Summary

This is a self-paced eLearning course for recruiters who manage timesheets between their clients. They are responsible for knowing what is required for them to do and how to make decisions including being a go-between via email.

The course has them put together emails to candidates and even receive emails with additional context. With all the information they gather, they’re asked to make decisions on how to resolve a time card. It’s an extremely interactive course with a realistic software simulation, decision-making, and realistic scenarios that help them make the right decision.

Detailed Introduction

The course was built with Captivate and can be used on a computer or tablet. I organized a team to help accomplish the course including a group to brainstorm and storyboard the outcome. A dedicated writer wrote the script and I coordinated with the multimedia team to record audio in a sound booth and edit the audio.

This project took a great deal of collaboration, coordination, and a great team behind it all. While this was one of my earliest full courses, it turned out excellent but not without lessons learned for the future.

Lessons Learned

It gave me a great understanding of designing for the user at every step with simplicity and focus. The navigation was a bit cryptic and the next steps weren’t always clearly understandable without audio. All of this gave me a greater appreciation for accessibility as well as knowing employees are in different environments.

There are always small tweaks I make after every project which means I’m always striving for better outcomes and continuous improvement.