Range of Motion – Fun Book Review

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I started Range of Motion by Elizabeth Berg just after the last business book I finished. My first impression of the book was not spectacular, as I previously wrote. Just because my first impression wasn’t good with Range of Motion doesn’t mean I’m going to stick by that incorrect impression.

After finishing the entire book I must say it was an excellent read and worth every minute. I wouldn’t say it’s a book I couldn’t put down but it was fun to read and an interesting perspective. I still don’t like the way it was one solid book without chapter breaks or anything else. It was again something I could get over as I had to do with the book Ireland.

The book was written by a nurse which I learned at the end. I think that gives the author an excellent background to write about serious issues that can happen in life. They get to look at life in a different way and see all the different things that can affect us.

The book was good but none of the characters were so clear that I remember their names except for Jay. Jay is in a coma and Lainey (I had to look her up) is his wife. The story is a good tale about Lainey and her extremely close friendship with her neighbor, Alice who I did actually remember her name. Because Jay is a little bit occupied, most of the story is about Lainey, Alice, Lainey and Jay’s kids, and then the people of the hospital.

Lainey wouldn’t give up and let Jay go which she shouldn’t do if she’s in love. She constantly tried everything possible to make Jay’s life in a nursing home normal and give him reminders of his life. It’s a great book that is mostly just interesting but at times does give you an emotional tug.

One thing you’ll notice with the book is that it’s extremely short. Even though the book is short (my blog post might be longer) it feels like you cover a lot of ground and get a good amount of entertainment.

Id’ definitely read it again.

Next Read

I finished Range of Motion earlier yesterday and the next part of the day started reading the sample of In Awe by John O’Leary. I’ve already purchased the book and was ready to do so even before I finished the sample.

Just the beginning of the book was excellent and I know giving the topic I’m going to love it. I always feel like something has escaped me as I’ve become and adult (or have I yet?). It feels like I’m always in pursuit of finding that interest and creativity that I had when I was younger to no avail.

Hopefully after reading In Awe I’ll have some new methods to pursue that awe and endless creativity that I once possessed has seemed to have faded.

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