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My favorite books are the fun books and I just finished another good one. I’m not an expert at writing book reviews so these might just be more of what I enjoyed about the book and some of what I didn’t enjoy (not that there ever is anything I don’t enjoy).

The last book was The E-Myth Revisited which was my first official “review” if that’s what you can call it. This book was my first fun book review so this will be interesting. There’s not a whole lot I typically don’t enjoy about my fun book but on occasion, I get a bad one.

This book was NOT a bad one.

I just finished A Gentleman In Moscow by Amor Towles and what a ride it was. I love books that are fiction but wrapped around realistic events and tell the tale of people who live in those real events. Sometimes their tale is real, sometimes it’s not. Other times it’s a blend of the real and the fake but it all takes place during historical events and has some truth to it.

A Gentleman In Moscow was exactly my type of book and the amazing part is that it took part almost entirely in the Metropol Hotel in Moscow. The fact that so many interested tales can be woven in such a limited geography is beyond me.

What I Liked About A Gentleman In Moscow

The book follow Count Alexander Rostov who is an interesting fellow that is well versed in the ways of a gentleman. I love books about Russia and this book was entirely about Russia but mostly the happenings of the communist party from what happens in the Metropol Hotel.

The reason the entire book takes place in the Metropol is because The Count is on house arrest there because he’s deemed an enemy of the state because he was an aristocrat. Most enemies of the state such as The Count were put to hard labor but he was saved from that by luck.

The Count has all sorts of happenings in the hotel and seems to be entwined in everything going on. Not only that but stories start up, stop, and then come back around again.

It’s an amazing tale and the writing is well done. The imagery the words paint is next to none and every word is essential. There was a lot to like about the book and it’s an essential read if you enjoy literature that is intertwined in real events but with entertaining stories.

What I Didn’t Like

There wasn’t a whole lot to not like about this book. It was well-written, entertaining, and it gives you a window upon Russia during the revolution and during the tensions between Russia/USSR and the United States.

It’s a must read if you’re looking for a fun book that’s also culturally enlightening.

Reading Next – A Business Book

The book I’m reading next is another business book. As I was scrolling down the Business & Personal Finance top paid books list I ran across People Powered by Jono Bacon.

This book was pretty far down on the top list and didn’t have a ton of reviews on Apple Books but I’m taking a chance. I read most of the sample first and so far I’m pleasantly surprised. It’s well-written and seems like it will have a good message.

It’s not a New York Times bestseller, doesn’t seem to have any awards or anything like that. It’s a newish book (2019), though so that is all forgiven. It’s also forgiven because all of that doesn’t always mean anything. It also seems reviews don’t matter because many of the books I read and love seem to get some odd negative reviews which I find completely opposite of reality.

We all make our own reality I guess. I believe that I will have a review of this book in just over a week.

So until then, enjoy reading more and reading often.

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