Ten Things That Make Me Cringe

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I was working on another post about learned helplessness in learning that I had previously started but felt this was a bit more timely given the eLearning Challenge.

I am postponing my other post until next week (or perhaps later this week) so I can get this off my chest. I may write more on each one further down the road, but we’ll see how that goes.


The navigation/timeline needs to be locked down so “learners” can see all of my wonderful content.


I’m an eLearning designer so that’s the proper solution, never-mind doing a proper analysis to see if it’s even necessary.


Just use next buttons to progress through software training, we don’t need to make an accurate environment.


We need to cover all the learning styles to make sure everyone learns.


Let’s create a virtual instructor led course, and an eLearning course, and a video, and a bunch of job aids. More is better right?


For previous releases we had a few videos walking users through the application so we should do that again (when task based job aids would have sufficed).


This is a compliance course so they have to read everything. We can’t just put a box to select saying they’ve “read” it all.

Boring Compliance Training



Mobile learning means we take the courses we’ve designed and put them on a phone, right?


From a consulting company: We’ve had a great deal of experience doing that for xyz companies, we can help your company do that too! (of course the problem isn’t actually doing it, it’s making the case and getting funding to do it which defeats the purpose of consultants)


Let’s test them on it, that will prove they learned it!

Your Turn

What are some of the things that you here and see that make you cringe? A lot of these things are very realistic and I see them everyday, I challenge you to share the most horrific tales of real things you see every day.

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