My Personal Portfolio Hashtag – #nickleffportfolio


About a month ago I ran across this great post about using a personal hashtag to promote your portfolio.

It took me some time to start using my new hashtag because I had to think about how I wanted to use it (and what hashtag I wanted to use).

Eventually I settled on #nickleffportfolio which I introduced on my 1000th Tweet on Twitter. So far I’m not too sure if it’s actually driven any views to my portfolio, but it has created a nice trail to let me know how much I’ve Tweeted my portfolio items.


I’ve since been regularly posting some of my portfolio items and blog posts about them using this hashtag.

You can find a nice string of Tweets on Twitter which I’ve also referenced on LinkedIn. I could also reference the hashtag on any other medium and already have a nice library built up of Tweets no matter where on the web the material resides.

Do you think this might spark some curiosity in your work?

How many times have you seen a personal hashtag included in a résumé or on personally branded material? I’m willing to guess not too often.

5 thoughts on “My Personal Portfolio Hashtag – #nickleffportfolio”

  1. Thanks, Nick! Social media is a bewildering jungle. Isn’t it nice to find a simple strategy that cuts through all the noise?

    • Yes, I’ve found it is a nice method to cut through some of the noise, especially for me. I’m thinking about creating another just for my blog posts so I can see just how much I promote my own stuff vs. others.

      I’d say it’s a nice tracking method without using a URL shortener.

      Thank you for the comment, it’s appreciated.

      • Nice. After a month or so, I’d be curious to know how the personal hashtag works for you. Wouldn’t it be crazy to see personal hashtags start popping up on web sites and resumes?

        • I know at least one other person in my personal learning network using one 🙂

          I haven’t publicized it a great deal but it has been great seeing what projects I’ve posted about.

          I do have it on my LinkedIn profile but it’s not a high traffic profile so I’m not sure if anybody has even seen it. I’m going to keep using it because I find so much value in it but I will definitely let you know if I hear of anybody else finding value in it from the other side.

          It would probably spark my curiosity if I saw one, might just have to check it out if I run across one.

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