Performance & Value Focused Instructional Designer

I'm a 14+ years experienced technical instructional designer who works collaboratively with subject matter experts, business partners, and stakeholders to create high-quality and engaging training solutions for a diverse audience.

I believe that the thorough and complete ADDIE process is the core of successful performance improvements.

A Blog

I've been up to a lot of different activities lately so you'll find a lot about that here. I've also started writing a little review of each book I read because I enjoy doing that. Not because it's about technology or design but it's fun.


Range of Motion – Fun Book Review

I started Range of Motion by Elizabeth Berg just after the last business book I finished. My first impression of the book was not spectacular, as I previously wrote. Just...
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The Rise Of America – Business Book Review

The 16th book I've finished this year so far is The Rise of America by Marin Katusa. This one was a business book which is all about how America is...
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The Forgotten Home Child – Fun Book Review

Another fun book finished and another great book I do recommend everyone reads. The book is The Forgotten Home Child by Genevieve Graham and is about Home Children that were...
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Fearless – Business Book Review

Another business book done. I finished up Fearless by Tim Kintz a few days ago but since finishing it fell on a Thursday I didn't have a chance to write...
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The Hungry Road – Fun Book Review

Now back on my regular schedule of a business book then a fun book, the book I just finished recently is The Hungry Road by Marita Conlon-McKenna. It's a spectacular...
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Financial Freedom – Business Book Review

I finished another business book, Financial Freedom by Grant Sabatier which is meant to help you reach a point in your finances where you can be free to do what...
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Daytime Formal Corporate Instruction To Informal Online Course Platforms

This post isn't about formal learning but I wanted to use that as a segue because my day job is more in the formal corporate learning space. My goal of...
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Lives Of The Stoics – Business Book Review

After my long hiatus from business reading I browsed through the business category in Apple Books for my next cheap read. I'm not sure what I found could be considered...
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Ireland – Fun Book Review

After reading this book for a while (it was pretty long) I finished Ireland by Frank Delaney. As I mentioned on my last book review (which was also fun) I...
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