The (1) Thing(s) Successful People Do First Thing In The Morning

Things Successful People Do First Thing In The Morning

Every other day if you look around social media and follow any professionals, you’re going to see an article about XX things successful people do (first thing) in the morning.

They usually consist of overly broad activities that don’t tell you much about the person or how they became successful. People who are successful got where they are in many ways, and it’s impossible to boil down to what they do in the morning.

One other problem with the things these “successful” people do is how these successful people are defined. Is their success based off their happiness? Their money? Their power?

My success is not the same as your success. How we define our own personal success is as unique as there are people on earth. I’d venture to say that it’s impossible to say what any successful person does could be applied to your life to make you successful.

Success has to be found inside you, and created inside you.

Things Successful People Do

Here are a few things I’ve seen on the lists of things successful people do in the morning:

  • Wake up early. Have you heard this one? So have I.
  • Work out in the morning. Isn’t it better to work out when you can fit it in rather than running the risk of putting it in the morning and missing it?
  • Check your email.
  • Avoid checking your email (thankfully I haven’t seen this and the prior bullet in the same list, yet).
  • Avoid social media.
  • Check your social media (hah!)

You get the idea right? The list is often ridiculous and generally unhelpful. Choose a routine that works for you, don’t try to adopt someone else’s morning routine. That’s not the one thing though! That’s coming right up.

The One Thing

Instead of going over the 10 things successful people do the first thing in the morning, I’m going to tell you about the 1 thing you need to do.

Here’s the one thing you need to do to be successful.

Tell yourself you are successful, and then be you.

Nobody else’s morning routine can make you successful, and changing yourself based off someone else also cannot do so.

Be You, Yourself, and You

The one thing that you can do every morning is unique to you. Telling yourself you are successful for the person you are and the things you’ve done is something only you can decide, and do. It’s impossible to write an article about any number of things that successful people do in the morning and somehow attach that to their success.

Never try to be someone else, and never envy someone else for their success. Yes, part of that means also never read articles by the name “XX things successful people do first thing in the morning” or any other variation of that.

Do your one thing in the morning, afternoon and evening and you too can be as successful as anybody else you have determined is successful. You can use it in your professional life and your personal life to make you equally successful in both.

I’m sure I will regularly see articles crop up on this topic that will be an arbitrary list of things people do in the morning, but in no way are any of them attached to being successful in any way.

I needed to write this article because I’ve also been guilty of reading them. After writing this I don’t thing I’ll have the same interest in reading them, and I think I will be more successful if I don’t. I’ll save some time in my day to put towards something that will actually make me successful.

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2 thoughts on “The (1) Thing(s) Successful People Do First Thing In The Morning”

  1. Good priorities
    “Do better”, I have, near my washing bassin. can’t miss it in the morning.
    Be happy, enjoy your day
    Are nice as well
    I tend to avoid email before coffee because it tends to become an addiction (adrenaline shot) and over reactions. I’m much wiser after 2 cups of coffee.

    • Sounds like a good routine and good start to the day. Every person’s morning routine is as unique as their definition of success. Precisely the reason I find articles about “successful people’s” morning routine a bit absurd.

      I tend to check email while I’m still in bed, but that’s my personal account and it’s mostly ad cleaning (which is super easy with Google Inbox 🙂

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